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Flame Retardant Tapes FR or Flame Resistant Tapes are often interchanged, but have different meanings for different applications. Flame or fire retardant materials keep the fire from spreading while fire or flame resistant materials are designed to not catch fire. Typically, materials with a flame resistant coating are used in a variety of high temperature environments, providing protection and insulation, such as in the aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle, construction, and marine industries.
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3M 425 N/A Aluminum Foil Tape
3M SJ3550 / SJ3551 / SJ3552 N/A Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners - General Purpose
Lexan FR700 N/A Lexan™ / Polycarbonate Film - Flame Retardant/FR-700
Lexan FR83 N/A Lexan™ / Polycarbonate Film - Flame Retardant/FR-83
MBK 186CLRT N/A PVC Tubing - Insulation #5 Cat #4900
MBK 2700 N/A Naughahyde Spirit II #393
MBK 5103SC N/A Aluminum Foil Tape/Acrylic - High Performance
MBK EPDM116 N/A EPDM Sponge Rubber Foam Tape - Medium Density
MBK HK150U N/A Sew-On Hook Fastener - 1 1/2" Width
MBK HS-101 N/A Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing
MBK KFT1 N/A Polyimide Film Tape - High Performance
MBK NEO304U N/A Neoprene EPDM-SBR Blend Sponge Foam
MBK POR104 N/A Urethane Foam Tape
MBK PVC116 / PVC116B N/A PVC Vinyl Foam Tape - Medium Density
MBK SBR108MD N/A SBR Sponge Rubber Foam - Medium Density
PORON 4701-30 N/A PORON® Urethane Foam - Very Soft
Tesa 51136 N/A Surface Protection and Masking Tape
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