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Food Grade Adhesive Tapes and materials meet the safety FDA Regulations for direct or indirect food contact.  These adhesive tapes compositionally comply with the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA Regulations for indirect and direct food contact in conformance with Title 21 CFR 175.125 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Title 21 CFR177.1520 Film Backings. PTFE products may comply with the FFDCA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requirements for direct food contact, under Title 21 CFR, 177.1550.   These FDA products are safe and effective while eliminating concerns over contamination and cleanup.  Food grade tape materials are commonly used in processing, sorting, holding, packaging or transporting food and pharmaceutical products. 

In addition to offering 3M and Avery food grade tapes, MBK Tape Solutions has developed several products that meet the FDA Regulations for Direct and Indirect Food Contact.  Food grade tapes are available with permanent and removable adhesives on plastic or paper cores.  Being a specialty tape converter, MBK can die cut parts, laminate, slit rolls and print according to your technical requirements.  

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MBK APET N/A Polyethylene Teraphthalate Film - PVC Free/Eco Friendly - FDA
MBK AT1278 N/A FDA Direct Food Contact Adhesive Transfer - Synthetic Rubber
MBK AT1281 N/A Adhesive Transfer Tape
MBK DCM3 N/A Double Coated Polyester Film Tape - General Purpose
MBK PETG N/A Polyester Teraphthalate Glycol Film - Recyclable
MBK PTFE03SC N/A Virgin Skived PTFE Film Tape - FDA Direct Food Contact
MBK VOLA102 & VOLA102B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA104 & VOLA104B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA108 & VOLA108B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA116 & VOLA116B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA132 & VOLA132B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA316 & VOLA316B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
MBK VOLA516 & VOLA516B N/A Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
ProtecRite 7312 N/A Polyethylene Film Tape - Surface Protection & FDA Indirect Food Contact
26 - 39 of 39 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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