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Single Coated Paper Tapes, typically referred to as Masking Tape, Drafting Tape or Artist Tape, are a single coated tape with either a crepe or flatback paper backing, generally used for surface protection, holding items in place, light duty bundling and marking.

Single Coated Paper Tapes are available in a variety of colors, sizes and grades, depending on performance and temperature requirements.


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Primary Application


Adhesive Coating

Adhesive Type

Total Thickness (mil)


Item #

Item Name

3M 226 N/A Solvent Resistant Masking Tape
3M 232 N/A High Performance Masking Tape
Intertape PF2 N/A Colored Flatback Tape - Printable
Intertape PF3 N/A Colored Crepe Paper Tape - Not Printable
Intertape PG5 N/A Crepe Paper Masking Tape - Premium Grade/Painters Tape
Intertape PG505 N/A Crepe Paper Masking Tape - General Purpose/Painter's Tape
MBK 6200SC N/A Colored Crepe Paper Masking Tape - General Purpose
MBK 6201SC N/A Painter's Grade Masking Tape
Nitto P724 N/A Colored Kraft Paper Tape - General Purpose/Printable
QSPAC MK652 N/A Economy Grade Masking Tape
QSPAC MK655 N/A Professional Painter's Masking Tape
Shurtape FP 227 N/A Colored Flatback Paper Tape - General Purpose/Printable
tesa 4334 N/A Professional Precision Masking Tape
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