Fabricators of Adhesive Tapes & Flexible Materials
Adhesive Tapes, foams, foils, cloth, rubber and other flexible materials are used for aerospace, defense, public works and education contracts. Products are available with Federally Approved adhesives or without adhesive, in any size, shape or configuation.
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MBK 8CFSS N/A Stainless Steel Screen 80 x 80 Mesh 0.0047" Wire QUOTE
MBK 9CFSS N/A Stainless Steel Screen 16 x 18 Mesh 0.009" Wire QUOTE
MBK AT1115 N/A High Shear Adhesive Transfer Tape QUOTE
MBK HS-101 N/A Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing QUOTE
MBK KFT1AS N/A Polyimide Film Tape - Anti Static QUOTE
MBK NEO304U N/A Neoprene EPDM-SBR Blend Sponge Foam QUOTE
MBK NEOP108-80 N/A Neoprene Rubber - 80/Durometer QUOTE
MBK PCB1 N/A Polyester Film Tape - Plating / Splicing Tape QUOTE
MBK POR104 N/A Urethane Foam Tape QUOTE
Patco 503A N/A Colored Polyethylene Film Tape QUOTE
PORON 4701-30 N/A PORON® Urethane Foam - Very Soft QUOTE
Saint-Gobain K40 N/A Urethane Foam QUOTE
Shurtape P672 N/A Gaffers Tape - Professional Grade QUOTE
Tesa 4970 N/A Double Sided Vinyl Film Tape QUOTE
26 - 39 of 39 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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