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Thermal Tapes, also known as Thermal Management Tapes or Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tapes, are designed for ultimate performance in extreme temperatures. Thermal Tapes are used to insulate in cold and hot environments, Thermal Management Tapes are used to promote heat dissipation and protect parts from overheating, and Thermally Conductive Adhesives provide high thermal bulk and/or interface conductivity, particularly needed in the electronics, LED and solar industries.  MBK converts foils, polyimide MT, ceramic-filled conductive adhesive transfer and glass cloth with or without adhesive into any shape, size or configuration. 
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3M 425 N/A Aluminum Foil Tape
DuPont NOMEX N/A Nomex® Meta-Aramid Fibers
Ideal Tape IT-724 N/A Glass Cloth Insulating Tape
KAPTON-HN N/A DuPont™ Kapton® HN / Polyimide Film - General Purpose
KAPTON-MT N/A DuPont™ Kapton® MT / Polyimide Film - High Performance - Thermally Conductive
MBK 2700 N/A Naughahyde Spirit II #393
MBK 5103SC N/A Aluminum Foil Tape/Acrylic - High Performance
MBK 5301 N/A Stainless Steel Foil - Alloy 301/Half Hard
MBK 5302 N/A Stainless Steel Foil - Alloy 302/Annealed CRSS
MBK 5304 N/A Stainless Steel Foil - Alloy 304/Annealed
1 - 10 of 10 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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