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Marking Tapes, also known as Identification Tape or Color-Coding Tape, are used for a variety of purposes: identification, information, instructions, security, hazards, warnings, etc.  Clear and colored paper tapes and films are typical materials used for color-coding or marking applications. 
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3M 850 N/A Polyester Film Tape
3M 853 N/A Polyester Film Tape
Intertape PF3 N/A Colored Crepe Paper Tape - Not Printable
MBK 200 N/A PVC Vinyl Tape
MBK 3101SC N/A Polyester Film Tape - Permanent
MBK 3102SCS N/A Metalized Polyester Film Tape - Permanent
MBK 3104SCY N/A Polyester Film Tape - Splicing Tape
MBK 3207SCR / 3207SCBLU N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / Colored Polyethylene Film Tape
MBK FV020 N/A Vinyl Film - Flexible / Soft
MBK M002S N/A Metalized Polyester Film
Patco 503A N/A Colored Polyethylene Film Tape
Polyken 223 N/A Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
Shurtape P672 N/A Gaffers Tape - Professional Grade
Shurtape PC600 N/A General Purpose Cloth Duct Tape - Waterproof
Shurtape PC628 N/A Gaffers Tape - Industrial Grade
1 - 15 of 15 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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