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Hydrogel Adhesives are designed to hold moisture to the skin surface, offering a soothing and gentle solution for a variety of skin contact applications including device fixation, transdermal drug delivery, ECG signaling, defibrillation electrodes, electrosurgical grounding pads, TENS, wearables, wound care and cosmetics. Hydrogels can be customized by adding additives to the existing formulations, such as vitamins, menthol, fragrances, etc. Hydrogels are biocompativle with the skin, conformable and remove gently without residue. 

Hydrocolloid Adhesives are transparent gel-like conformable material that provides non-breathable adhesion to the skin allowing moisture to be trapped under the surface and promote the healing process.  Most hydrocolloids are waterproof, so that patients can wear several days through normal washing.  Hydrocolloid absorbs bodily fluids and wound exudate, making it ideal for ostomy and wound care applications.

As a specialty adhesive converter, MBK has the capabilities to customize the construction to meet your specific application requirements. Our converting capabilities include die cutting simple shapes to complex designs, slitting to custom widths, multi-layer laminating, printing, prototyping and ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing and packaging. 

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N/A Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape - Medical
N/A Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape - Medical
N/A Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape - Heat Sealable/Medical
N/A Dermal Fastener Gel
N/A Sensing Gel
N/A Stimulating Gel
N/A Medical Polyethylene Film with Hydrocolloid
N/A Medical Polyurethane Film with Hydrocolloid
N/A Medical Single-Coated Polyethylene Nonwoven with Hydrocolloid
N/A Hydrogel - Wound Care Tape
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