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Medical Film Tapes are typically composed of Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Co-polyester films coated with medical grade acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive. Typically, medical films are thin, strong, tear resistant yet can be easily cut. They are conformable, transparent and ETo and gamma compatible. 

Medical films are available with or without adhesive, in various thicknesses.  As a specialty adhesive converter, MBK has the capabilities to customize the construction to meet your specific application requirements. Our converting capabilities include die cutting simple to complex designs, multi-layer laminating, printing, prototyping and Class 8 Cleanroom manufacturing and packaging. 

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N/A Double Coated Polyethylene Medical Tape - Transparent
N/A Hi-Tack Double Coated Medical Tape
N/A Double Coated Medical Tape - Transparent
N/A Double Coated Polyester Medical Tape
N/A Polyolefin Diagnostic Tape
N/A Advanced Polyolefin Diagnostic Tape
N/A Polyurethane Film on White Carrier - Medical/Translucent
N/A Single Coated Polyurethane Film on White Carrier - Medical
N/A Single Sided Polyurethane Film Medical Tape
N/A Diagnostic Microfluidic Hydrophilic Film
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