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Mactac® MACbond® IB1178XT consists of .5 mil polyester carrier coated on both sides with 1.2mils of aggressive rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. This tape is supplied self-wound on C2S 60# White SCK liner. IB1111XT was designed for general-purpose bonding applications on semi-smooth surfaces in the gasket, seal and trim markets. Typically used for bonding to foams, paper, metal, plastics and most low or unplasticized substrates.
Unit of Measure


N/A Mactac®

Brand Part Number

N/A MACbond® Rubber IB1178XT

Application Description

  • Appliance assembly
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Sound dampening
  • Cushioning and sealing
  • Mirror mounting


  • Aggressive rubber based adhesive provides superior adhesion to wide variety of surfaces including foams, felts, cloths, primed wood, paper, metal, plastics and most low or unplasticized substrates
  • Good performance on most low surface substrates
  • Dimensionally stable carrier for superior die cutting

Unique Features

N/A Low Surface Energy


N/A Polyester Film

Backing / Carrier Thickness

N/A 0.5 mil

Adhesive Coating

N/A Double Coated

Adhesive Type

N/A Aggressive Rubber Based

Adhesive Type

N/A Rubber/Rubber

Adhesive Thickness for Exposed/Unwind Side

N/A 1.2 mil

Adhesive Thickness for Liner Side

N/A 1.2 mil

Total Thickness

N/A 2.9 mil


N/A Clear

Maximum Width/ Master Roll Width

N/A 54 in

Elongation Percentage

N/A CD: 90 %MD: 100 %

Shear Strength

N/A 500+ hours

N/A The physical properties listed are typical values based on PSTC, ASTM and other standard tests. This data should be used as guides only, and not as specification limits. Our recommendations for use are based on practical experience and testing. However, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for his intended use. MBK Tape Solutions will not assume liability for claims beyond the replacement value of our product proved to be defective.

Tack Level

N/A 10.0 lb/in²
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