Fabricators of Adhesive Tapes & Flexible Materials
MBK Tape Solutions custom manufacturers adhesive tapes, films and other flexible materials used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dental and OTC industries.  Knowing that food safety is of paramount importance when manufacturing, processing, packaging, distributing and storing foods and pharmaceutical products, MBK offers a variety of direct and indirect food contact tapes that meet FDA standards.  These FDA products are safe and effective while eliminating concerns over contamination and cleanup, ultimately improving productivity and reducing waste of materials.

Being a specialty tape converter, MBK Tape Solutions can die cut parts, slit rolls and print according to your requirements.
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Primary Application

Unique Features

Backing / Carrier

Adhesive Coating

Adhesive Type

Total Thickness (mil)


Item #

Item Name

3M 9443NP N/A Double Coated HDPE Polyethylene Film Tape 700 Series
Avery FT C N/A Double Coated Tissue Tape - General Purpose
Avery FT1123 N/A Transfer Tape
Avery FT1126 N/A Transfer Tape
Avery FT445 N/A Double Coated Polypropylene Film Tape
Avery FT8217 N/A Double Coated Polyester Non-woven Tape
Avery FT8302 N/A Double Coated Polyester Film Tape - General Purpose
MBK 186CLRT N/A PVC Tubing - Insulation #5 Cat #4900
MBK 2401SC N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tape
MBK 2402SC N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tape
MBK 3106SC N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / Polyester Film Tape - Removable
MBK 3204SC N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / Polyethylene Film Tape
MBK 3508SC N/A FDA Direct Food Contact / Ultra Clear Polypropylene Film Tape
MBK 3882SC N/A Single Coated Polyester Medical Tape
MBK 3CF N/A Charcoal Screen 18 x 16 Mesh 0.011" Wire
MBK 4CF N/A Charcoal Screen 20 x 20 Mesh 0.013" Wire
MBK 5304 N/A Stainless Steel Foil - Alloy 304/Annealed
MBK 8CFSS N/A Stainless Steel Screen 80 x 80 Mesh 0.0047" Wire
MBK 9CFSS N/A Stainless Steel Screen 16 x 18 Mesh 0.009" Wire
MBK AT1278 N/A FDA Direct Food Contact Adhesive Transfer - Synthetic Rubber
MBK AT1281 N/A Adhesive Transfer Tape
MBK BB1000 N/A Bottle Bibs
MBK HS-101 N/A Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing
MBK PUF002 N/A Polyurethane Film - Medical/Elastic
MBK UHMW5 N/A UHMW Polyethylene Film Tape - Acrylic
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